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Hunslet Moor & Hall Residents Zoom Meeting

Hunslet & Riverside ward Councillors invite you to a Zoom meeting for the residents of Hunslet Moor & Hall. The Zoom meeting will take place on Tuesday 16 February 2021 at 6:30pm. Hunslet Moor & Hall Residents meeting is an opportunity to: chat with your local ward councillors and council

Two thousand saplings planted in Hunslet

Dozens of volunteers of all ages got digging together during January 2020, planting 2,000 saplings across Hunslet – in what is planned as the first phase of a major tree-planting initiative across south Leeds. Over five days, the volunteers planted the trees on the edge of a number of local

Big changes at Hunslet Moor, but local group dismayed

Major landscaping and alterations work is underway on Hunslet Moor – but local residents, who only recently formed a ‘Friends Of’ group to help manage and improve the park, have expressed frustration that they weren’t consulted or even warned that the work was due. Hunslet Moor – the green space