Pointless vandalism at Hunslet Moor

Two weeks ago two tables were fitted inside and outside the playground on Hunslet Moor Park. On Tuesday night (27 June 2023) a group of teenagers using the children’s playground vandalised the snakes and ladders table. Stripping off the vinyl from the table and seats.

The seats were bought by Friends of Hunslet Moor before Covid with a grant from the Housing Advisory Panel and they were waiting for the MUGA (multi use games area) to be finished so they could be positioned in the right place.

Samantha Gilmore said:

“This is heartbreaking to see. We try our best to improve our area and cannot believe this happened so soon after they were put in.”

Parks and Countryside are going to remove the table and it is being sent back to the firm who made them. They are going to replace the vinyl and lacquer it to hopefully prevent this happening again.

Commenting on Facebook, Cllr Paul Wray (Labour, Hunslet & Riverside) said:

“Mindless and pointless vandalism will not stop us from investing in our parks or our communities. Whoever did this, you’ll get bored long before Mohammed, me and our partners at the Friends of Hunslet Moor ever give up.

“We’ll now get the games surfaces replaced.”


This post was written by Brenda Barlow

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3 Replies to “Pointless vandalism at Hunslet Moor”

  1. Totally disgusting that these teenagers acted in this way to destroy these tables and chairs that were put there for the enjoyment of the local community , hope they are caught and punished

  2. Another example of South Leeds anti-social behaviour. Quads, off-road bikes, fly-tipping, graffiti, property damage – some of which is now blatantly happening during the day too. The lack of visible local policing is a real problem.

  3. Yet another example of some of the mindless youth of today that cant even consider doing something constructive if they’re bored .. it’s always, always destructive.

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