Advertising with South Leeds Life helps to keep the website and newspaper going, and allows us to continue offering the content we provide.

Download our rate card here: Advert rate card South Leeds Life 2023

We offer Display Adverts on our website.

Display Adverts appear across the whole site and are available in three sizes:

Leaderboard  appears at the very top of each page. 

  Size: 720 x 90 pixels  |  Price: £60 per 20,000 views


Sidebar appears near the top of the sidebar on each page.

  Size: 300 x 90 pixels  |  Price: £40 per 20,000 views


Article appears at the bottom of each article

Size: 720 x 90 pixels  |  Price: £40 per 20,000 views


All Display Adverts will require an appropriately sized graphic. You can provide this yourself or we can produce one for a small additional cost.

Clicking on a display advert will link to further information. This can be:

  • a link to a page on an external website.
  • a downloadable pdf  version of a leaflet or poster (we can help with this if required).
  • an article on our website promoting your product or service (we will work with you to produce this).

To place a Display Ad or make further enquiries please email or telephone 07894 583966


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