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Hunslet Moor & Hall Residents Zoom Meeting

Hunslet & Riverside ward Councillors invite you to a Zoom meeting for the residents of Hunslet Moor & Hall. The Zoom meeting will take place on Tuesday 16 February 2021 at 6:30pm. Hunslet Moor & Hall Residents meeting is an opportunity to: chat with your local ward councillors and council

Hope no more: addiction project closes

Beeston charity New Hope has sadly closed its doors after 16 years service to the local community. The small organisation, based at the Nazarene Church on Hunslet Hall Road, has since 1999 provided wide-ranging support for people battling drug and alcohol addiction – but has now called it a day.

Salvation Army is helping the West Hunslet community

There’s a lot more to the Salvation Army than brass bands – although you will still hear the West Hunslet band out on the streets on Sunday afternoon. At a national level the organisation runs safe houses to help victims escape human traffickers. In South Leeds they offer hot lunches