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Local volunteer nominated for Halifax Giving Extra Award

Kenneth Ingram Nominated by Carla Yeomans for a Halifax Giving Extra Award. Yorkshire & North Midlands Carla’s words given to Halifax Ken volunteers every day in some form of another…he’s a community reporter, photographer, walker, dementia friend, runner and inspiration! Ken is known to many people living and working in

The Giving Voice Choir At The White Rose Centre

Leeds Community Healthcare NHS Trust The Giving Voice choir will be doing their first performance of 2015, this Saturday at the White Rose Centre. Please go along and support them! They’ll be performing at 11.30am and 2pm. There will also be stalls for people to find out more about the

The Parnaby Tavern, Hunslet is becoming ‘Dementia Friendly’

The Parnaby Tavern at Hunslet is now becoming ‘dementia friendly’ with the launch of a new weekly group. The name of the new group will be the “Parnaby Pals”.   The address is the Parnaby Tavern, 1 Middleton Road, Hunslet, LS10 2AB. Telephone (0113) 271 2322. For information the number

Top Tips for Caring for Someone with Dementia

Living with dementia is incredibly difficult for those who are affected by it and also for their family and friends. As the person’s mental capabilities begin to decline, they can feel scared and vulnerable and may require increased levels of help and support. There are a number of things that

South Leeds author joins the ebook revolution

  Jonathan Sharp, from Stourton Grange in South Leeds is part of a growing movement of self-publishing authors. The traditional picture of the new author is one of endless rejection letters from publishers. Sometimes the story ends in publication and often it doesn’t. However that’s all changing as self-publishing becomes