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Local volunteer nominated for Halifax Giving Extra Award

Kenneth Ingram Nominated by Carla Yeomans for a Halifax Giving Extra Award. Yorkshire & North Midlands Carla’s words given to Halifax Ken volunteers every day in some form of another…he’s a community reporter, photographer, walker, dementia friend, runner and inspiration! Ken is known to many people living and working in

Mini HUGO helps people in South Leeds get online

  Mini HUGO – a minibus equipped with computers has hit the road in South Leeds to get people get online and flood communities with free wi-fi. This week you can find Mini HUGO on the following streets: Tuesday 18 Feb:  Penny Lane Way & Jack Lane, Hunslet (morning only)

Belle Isle’s old library has a new name

  From 25th October, Belle Isle’s old library will be known as BITMO’s GATE. The tenant-led organisation, which manages almost 2,000 council houses in Belle Isle, chose the name at a recent Board meeting. The old library will now be known as BITMO’s GATE “a resource centre for Belle Isle”.

A new role for the old Belle Isle library

  BITMO, the Belle Isle Tenant Management Organisation is breathing new life into the old Belle Isle library, reinventing it as a community resource centre. I went to meet Carla Yeomans who is running the project. The building, at Aberfield Gate, is being refurbished and now has a kitchen and