South Leeds author joins the ebook revolution


Jonathan Sharp
Author Jonathan Sharp.
Photo: Jeremy Morton

Jonathan Sharp, from Stourton Grange in South Leeds is part of a growing movement of self-publishing authors.

The traditional picture of the new author is one of endless rejection letters from publishers. Sometimes the story ends in publication and often it doesn’t. However that’s all changing as self-publishing becomes easier and cheaper, especially publishing as an ebook.

Whatever you think of 50 Shades of Grey, it has been a publishing phenomenon and it started life as an ebook.

Jonathan’s book “Love, Death and Time Travel” has been published as an e-book and is available to buy on Amazon.

The book deals with the transition from childhood to adulthood, but for the central character Nate this is complicated by the unwanted gift of time travel. Nate “slides” into other people’s bodies and their lives randomly across history at first – a bit like the film Time Bandits. Then he finds himself returning again and again to the same person, another young man living in the north of England in the early 1980’s at the time of the Yorkshire Ripper.

Jonathan still hopes to be published in print, but as he says “Putting the book on Amazon seemed a much better place for it to be than just sat on my computer hard drive.”

Sales of the ebook will not make him rich as he intends to give the royalties to charity. He’s picked out Prostate Cancer UK and the Alzheimer’s Society to support.

“Alzheimer’s because it is something my partner’s father is suffering from … because it’s a cruel disease … and partly because I’m fascinated by the brain / identity and how Alzheimer’s destroys the notion of identity.”

“Love, Death and Time Travel” by Jonathan Sharp is available on Amazon, price £1.53.