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West Yorkshire Police Are Planning a “Caring Community” Day

Both Tea Cosy Memory Cafe and Dementia Friendly Rothwell, have gained quite a reputation over the past three years. A part of the reputation has included a close relationship with West Yorkshire Police, so much so that recently they became members of the Dementia Action Alliance, also announcing that dementia

The Parnaby Tavern, Hunslet is becoming ‘Dementia Friendly’

The Parnaby Tavern at Hunslet is now becoming ‘dementia friendly’ with the launch of a new weekly group. The name of the new group will be the “Parnaby Pals”.   The address is the Parnaby Tavern, 1 Middleton Road, Hunslet, LS10 2AB. Telephone (0113) 271 2322. For information the number