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Hilary Benn MP: Where should new houses be built?

It’s a pretty straightforward question, but the answer is sometimes anything but. Leeds City Council has just completed its consultation to identify sites around the city but, perhaps understandably, not everyone is happy. And yet, if we don’t provide homes for our children and grandchildren, neighbours and friends and work

Holbeck Neighbourhood Plan – Engagement and Consultations

    The Holbeck Neighbourhood Forum was held last Saturday (27 September 2014) in St Matthew’s Community Centre in Holbeck. Community members, businesses, residents and volunteers were served with hot soup and a roll. The chair of the forum, Dennis Kitchen welcomed us all to the forum and gave us an update of developments

Beeston Community Forum applies for Designation of Beeston Neighbourhood Forum

  Beeston Community Forum submitted its application to Leeds City Council for Beeston Neighbourhood Forum to be designated on 22 September 2014.  This is the next stage in the process towards producing the Beeston Plan.  Public notices have been posted in Beeston Library, shops, public buildings and notice boards in

Holbeck Neighbourhood Forum to elect its first Board

  The Holbeck Neighbourhood Plan will pass another milestone at a meeting on Saturday (29 March 2014). The Holbeck Neighbourhood Forum will elect a Board of up to 12 local people at its first annual general meeting. The job of the Board is to manage the Forum and oversee the

2013: the South Leeds year in review

  Welcome to our review of 2013, a year of contrasting weather – a winter that didn’t let go until late May followed by a long warm summer and rounded off by wild storms. One of the stories that ran all year, started right here at South Leeds Life with