Neighbourhood Plan to be unveiled

A local plan developed over the last five years by residents in Holbeck is to be unveiled at a meeting on Saturday (14 January 2017).

Volunteers have worked on the neighbourhood plan and refining the ideas in response to consultations with people who live and work in the area.

The next stage is to submit the plan to Leeds City Council for consideration and approval. After that it will be put to a referendum of local residents and if passed will have legal status as part of the planning framework for new developments in the area.

Forum Chair Dennis Kitchen said:

“The vision is to make Holbeck a more attractive and healthier place for everyone, it will have a local centre with community facilities, affordable housing, job opportunities, all set in a environment respecting the heritage and local character of the area.”

The meeting takes place on Saturday 14 January at St Matthew’s Community Centre starting at 11am.

Consultation with residents at Holbeck Gala in 2014