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Beeston Neighbourhood Forum Launches Task Groups

Beeston Neighbourhood Forum Committee appointed  members to lead the priority task groups at its meeting on 26 May 2015. These priorities and the issues underpinning them have been identified by the Beeston community through leaflets, online, community campaigns and through contacts, including the Beeston Festival. Committee members appointed to these roles are

Slideshow: Beeston’s neighbourhood planners visit Wolverhampton

Fourteen members of the Beeston Neighbourhood Forum visited Wolverhampton on Saturday (21 March 2015) to learn from residents there who have completed their Neighbourhood Plan. The group heard from residents and council officers how the Heathfield Park Neighbourhood Plan had been formulated. The plan, which will guide development in the

Beeston Neighbourhood Forum to Meet for the First Time

Beeston Neighbourhood Forum, following its approval by Leeds City Council, will meet for the first time on Tuesday 17 February 2015 at 7.30pm in Beeston Community Village Centre on St Anthony’s Drive. The role of the Forum is to oversee the development of the Beeston Neighbourhood Plan. The agenda will

Neighbourhood Planning – the way forward for Beeston.

  Following leafleting of the area, consultation meetings about the Beeston Plan have been arranged. The details are: Tuesday 24 June, 7-9pm at Cockburn High School Thursday 26 June, 3-5pm at Beeston Village Community Centre Tuesday 1 July, 6:30-8:30pm at Beeston Village Community Centre These meetings are for all who

Beeston People to draft their own Neighbourhood Plan

  Beeston residents can take advantage of a new right provided by the Localism Act 2011, to produce a neighbourhood plan. Many people in Beeston want more say in how their area is developed following frustration caused by piecemeal developments over the years. Residents rather than developers have the local