Beeston Neighbourhood Forum Launches Task Groups

Beeston Neighbourhood Forum Committee appointed  members to lead the priority task groups at its meeting on 26 May 2015.

Beeston Plan logoThese priorities and the issues underpinning them have been identified by the Beeston community through leaflets, online, community campaigns and through contacts, including the Beeston Festival.

Committee members appointed to these roles are Bill Birch (Housing), Richard Bell (Community), Christine Thornton (Environment), Greg Turton (Opportunities for Young People), Robert Winfield (Heritage) & Gohar Almass ( Integration & Community Cohesion). Launch of the Retail & Business Development task group has been deferred until more members have been recruited.

The task groups are to start work now and make interim reports after 4 meetings. Their recommendations shall form the basis of the policies and projects that make up the Beeston Plan.

Anyone wanting to get involved should contact Mark Parry (Secretary) at or on 07981 339558.


This post was written by Greg Turton using our Create an article for South Leeds Life page.