Beeston People to draft their own Neighbourhood Plan


Beeston Neighbourhood Plan logoBeeston residents can take advantage of a new right provided by the Localism Act 2011, to produce a neighbourhood plan. Many people in Beeston want more say in how their area is developed following frustration caused by piecemeal developments over the years. Residents rather than developers have the local knowledge and this legislation is an excellent opportunity to make the changes the community want and produce greater community cohesion.

The Beeston Community Forum is sponsoring this initiative and has agreed the Plan area with Leeds City Council.

Anyone who lives in the area between Beeston Ring Road and Cross Flatts Park, and between Elland Road and Middleton Woods, can get involved in helping to prepare the plan. The precise boundary can be found on the following link:

What happens next?

Cross Flatts Park
The Millennium Garden, Cross Flatts Park, Beeston
Photo: Jeremy Morton

Once the area is granted designated neighbourhood status subject to consultation, Beeston Community Forum will set up a neighbourhood forum through a steering committee. Membership of the neighbourhood forum is open to people who either live, work or carry out business in the area and a minimum of 21 people are needed. Leaflets will be delivered to all residents inviting them to get involved and seeking their views on the area. Letters will be sent to local businesses, voluntary organisations and schools seeking their involvement. The three Beeston Councillors, who support this initiative, will be represented on the neighbourhood forum.

The neighbourhood forum will write the Beeston Plan and then forward for independent examination. A referendum of those in the designated area will be run by the Council.

If the Plan is passed by the majority who vote, it will be adopted and become a planning document for the future development of Beeston

The Steering Committee members are: Greg Turton, Richard Bell, Noor Zaman and Mark Parry. You can contact Greg Turton, Beeston Plan Coordinator by email at