Free breakfasts for all at Sharp Lane primary school

In a heartening initiative aimed at supporting the well-being and education of its students, Sharp Lane Primary School has forged a partnership with NGC Networks, part of the Cloud Clevr Group, and the Greggs Foundation to provide free breakfasts for children.

The collaboration comes at a crucial time when child hunger remains a significant concern in many communities. Recognising the importance of starting the day right with a nutritious meal, this joint effort seeks to ensure that no child at Sharp Lane Primary School goes to class hungry.

As one Year 3 Pupil put it:

“I love sitting with my friends to share the breakfast. I can concentrate for longer when I have a full tummy.”

NGC Networks, a business telecommunications provider, has stepped up as a key sponsor for this initiative. Their commitment to corporate social responsibility aligns seamlessly with the ethos of Sharp Lane Primary School, which prioritises the welfare of its students above all else.

Speaking about the partnership, Head of Commercial of NGC Networks, Andrew Linley, expressed their enthusiasm, stating:

“We are proud and delighted to be supporting the Greggs Foundation in providing a breakfast club at Sharp Lane Primary School, a club ensures a nutritious breakfast for up to 350 children. Having a great breakfast is fundamental in enabling children to get the most of out of their learning during a school day.”

The Greggs Foundation, renowned for its grant-giving programmes, brings its wealth of experience in providing nutritious meals to children across the UK through their Breakfast Club programme. The Foundation has made significant strides in ensuring children start their day with a healthy meal, setting them up for the school day with a brighter start.

Headteacher of Sharp Lane Primary School, Mrs Rebecca White, expressed her gratitude for the support received from NGC Networks and the Greggs Foundation:

“We are immensely grateful to NGC Networks, part of the Cloud Clevr Group and the Greggs Foundation for their generous sponsorship, which enables us to offer free breakfasts to all our students. This initiative not only addresses the issue of child hunger but also fosters a positive and inclusive school environment.”

The free breakfasts will include a variety of nutritious options, ensuring that students have access to a balanced meal to fuel their bodies and minds for the day ahead.

This collaborative effort between Sharp Lane Primary School, NGC Networks and the Greggs Foundation serves as a shining example of how businesses and community organisations can come together to make a meaningful difference in the lives of children.


This post is based on a press release issued by NGC Networks

Photo: Lynne Hindmarch, Greggs Foundation and Andrew Linley, NGC Networks with pupils enjoying breakfast


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One Reply to “Free breakfasts for all at Sharp Lane primary school”

  1. It’s a good job this has happened, as the booking a meal system is not working for the school
    If parents do not fill out food choices in time then we must provide a pack lunch ,
    There options are not the best !! My son has come home hungry many times .
    And the breakfast situation my child tells me his only allows 1 item . children should be coming home begging for food .

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