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Beeston school battling for a new playground: can you help?

The parents, kids and staff at St Francis of Assisi Primary School in Beeston Hill are valiantly battling away to get a new playground by the end of the year, and are making great progress – but they need your help! This week saw their latest after-school table-top sale (pictured),

Keeping Lane End families warm this winter

Lane End Primary have been very fortunate in having being chosen to benefit from a Cash for Kids scheme, funded by ‘The Postcode Lottery’, and supported by Radio Aire, that aims to help families to be super prepared for winter by providing an extra set of warm, winter set of clothes

Hawks help collect gifts for Radio Aire’s ‘Mission Christmas’ campaign

  As part of the Hawks new working partnership with Radio Aire, the club have been out and about collecting toys to help the Cash for Kids ‘Mission Christmas’ campaign. Thousands of children in poverty will wake up to a Christmas without presents this year and that’s why our very