Author: Ed Carlisle

Ed's originally from Sheffield, had the misfortune to grow up down south, but has lived in Leeds since the 90s and Beeston since 2002. He’s involved in various local projects, including: Beeston Festival, the Holbeck viaduct scheme, community hiking and camping events, youth work, local green/growing projects, and South Leeds Life. He dabbles in local politics, and co-runs Leeds-wide charity Together for Peace. He's married with a young family.

St Francis pushing on towards a new playground

The fundraising drive at St Francis of Assisi Primary School in Beeston Hill, to refurbish their outdoor play area, continues – with a well-attended summer fair last weekend (Sunday 30 June 2019) raising another £700 towards their £10,000 minimum target. As previously reported (here and here), the school’s Parent Teacher

Fighting for breath – communities call for clean air

Residents, schools and organisations across south Leeds are joining a growing movement calling for and working towards better air quality in our communities. Against the backdrop of events including the high-profile court case of Ella Kissi-Debrah (a nine year old Londoner whose death was arguably caused by air pollution), and

Middleton and Belle Isle to become guinea pigs for driverless cars scheme

UPDATED at 12:00pm: Please check the date on this article … We hope you enjoyed our April Fool story. Drive safely now. Middleton and Belle Isle look set to become the testing ground for an experiment in driverless cars starting later this year, as disclosed by meeting notes released by