Tag: Climate Crisis

‘Don’t pave it, save it!’ campaign to cut flooding risk

Leeds City Council has published its ‘Don’t Pave it, Save it’ guidance, which encourages residents to consider the environment and their impact on flood risk when renovating their front garden or driveway. The hard surfacing of front gardens for parking and reduced maintenance is increasingly popular, with over a quarter

£2.5 million to help Leeds communities tackle climate crisis

Tackling climate change in Leeds gets £2.5 million boost, thanks to National Lottery funding £2.5 million of National Lottery funding is going to a partnership of Leeds organisations, including Voluntary Action Leeds, to work with communities across the city to take action, tackle climate change and create over 40 local

Beeston Councillor leads pension fossil fuels divestment drive

On Thursday 31 July councillors on West Yorkshire Pension Fund’s Joint Advisory Group (JAG) took the unexpected step of voting against the proposed WYPF Funding Strategy Statement. WYPF manages the pensions of local government workers in the five West Yorkshire Councils. The Statement was rejected by a majority of councillors