Save money and the planet with insulation

Climate change has been in the spotlight, with the COP26 gathering in Scotland last month – and insulation even more so, due to Insulate Britain’s controversial protests. And the good news is: we can act, here and now.

Climate Action Leeds is a major new city-wide programme aiming to help the city do all it can to become planet-friendly.

It features community programmes including the Our Future Beeston project, and also a dedicated team looking to support and inspire people across Leeds to get serious about insulating their homes.

Insulation is arguably one of the most effective steps any of us can take to reduce our carbon footprint – and also saves us a load of money in heating bills. Although it is often rolled out via big community-wide programmes, it is also something individuals can undertake themselves.

For more info and advice on insulation, contact Lucy at People Powered Homes, one of the key Climate Action Leeds partners.

As well as supporting individuals, Lucy and her colleagues are also looking at working at a neighbourhood level – for instance, they are looking to tackle a particular stretch of poorly insulated homes in Hunslet.


Photo: Lucy from Climate Action Leeds, with Ed Carlisle and Yemane Selomun, who are currently working together to fully insulate an old terraced house in Beeston Hill