Pledge your Climate Change resolutions for 2022

South Leeds Life is proud to be co-launching a new local campaign for 2022, for south Leeds people to pledge to take action on climate change.

Run in association with the ‘Our Future Beeston’ group (but open to anyone in LS10 or LS11), the campaign – called the ‘South Leeds Climate Pledge’ – will profile local people throughout the year who are taking new steps to be more planet-friendly in their own lives, and work with others to do the same.

We are already in touch with a fantastic array of people who are putting themselves forward for the pledge, and will be releasing the first pledges in the coming weeks.

Different people are focusing on different issues, but their pledges will centre upon how they plan to change their habits, and also the operation of the organisations and groups they are part of, in 2022.

Actions will include:

  • choosing more sustainable forms of transport, or opting out of carbon-heavy transport like flying altogether;
  • making their diet more eco-friendly;
  • changing their use of energy, and/or getting into home insulation;
  • reducing consumption;
  • investing (time or money) in green initiatives;
  • and much more.

And we’d love YOU to become involved too! The campaign is open to anyone who lives, works or plays in LS10 or LS11. Get in touch for more information, or just go ahead and submit a portrait photo of yourself, your name and contact details, and a quote with your thoughts on climate change, and what steps you pledge to take (up to 50 words).

We are especially keen to gather in and use these portrait photos and quotes, to build awareness of climate action in the local area, and inspire others to also get involved.

To find out more, or to sign up, contact us anytime in the coming year: email, contact us on social media, or write to Climate Pledge 2022, c/o South Leeds Life, 224 Cross Flatts Grove, LS11 7BW.

Our partner organisation – ‘Our Future Beeston’ – is a locally-led community project working within the Leeds-wide ‘Climate Action Leeds’ coalition:

Whether or not you participate in this campaign, new people are always welcome to join the group. Note that although ‘Our Future Beeston’ focuses on Beeston, this campaign is open to everyone in south Leeds.


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  1. I walk instead of using my car as much as possible, buy refills for shampoo, handwash and cleaning products rather than buying them in plastic bottles I recycle everything that is recyclable and re use rather than throw if I can I will continue to do so

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