Month: February 2019

Review: Dinner 18:55 at Leeds Playhouse

The Creative Engagement department at the Playhouse set two generations of Leeds citizens the task of getting to know each other through weekly meet ups for a period of six months. The play Dinner 18:55 is the outcome of their opening up to each other and learning about significant events

Art Life: South of the River | On the Trail of a Public Artwork (and a new exhibition)

Parum Potentes Glandes Quercus (From Little Acorns Mighty Oaks grow) Much art is presented as a fait accompli. It is no coincidence that in the world of music we are only shown the making process once the finished article has been accepted as seminal. In this way we are encouraged

Former sex workers to speak out at public forum this weekend

South Leeds campaigners against the Holbeck ‘Managed Approach’ (also known as the ‘Managed Zone’) are encouraging local residents of all opinions to attend a forum event this weekend at Leeds Civic Hall, entitled ‘A Different Approach’ – which will look at sex work in this city and across the world,