Community noticeboards

Over the next few months, residents in Hunslet, Hunslet Carr, Hunslet Moor and on Beeston Hill, will see the installation of new community noticeboards in their public green spaces.

These community noticeboards are one element of the work we’ve been doing locally as Councillors, based on community feedback, to provide access to information about the local area, ongoing consultations and Council services, without needing to visit a public building or going online.

We’ve identified 15 rough locations, spread out across the communities in question, to make sure these are accessible to as many people as possible.

The Inner South Communities Team will update the noticeboards at least once a month, to make sure the information is relevant and up to date. Where there are local Friends of Groups, such as for Trentham Park, or residents’ group such as the Hunslet Carr Residents Association, we will also provide them with access to the noticeboards as well.

I know residents find it frustrating if they can’t find the contact information they need. These new community noticeboards are a simple but powerful tool to help resolve some of these frustrations. I look forward to seeing them installed soon.


This post was written by Cllr Paul Wray (Hunslet & Riverside)

Photo: Community Noticeboard on Holbeck Moor by Jeremy Morton

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  1. Will there be an email address where you can send item to be put on the notice boards?

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