Former sex workers to speak out at public forum this weekend

South Leeds campaigners against the Holbeck ‘Managed Approach’ (also known as the ‘Managed Zone’) are encouraging local residents of all opinions to attend a forum event this weekend at Leeds Civic Hall, entitled ‘A Different Approach’ – which will look at sex work in this city and across the world, and feature former sex workers as speakers.

The event is co-hosted by organisations SPACE International, the Build a Girl Project, and the Campaign To End Leeds Sex Trade – which are campaigning to abolish the sex trade, and working to enable people to exit sex work.

Speakers will include Vednita Carter, Bridget Perrier, Rachel Moran and Fiona Broadfoot – all of whom have previously worked in the sex industry. The forum – which is to be chaired by independent councillor Sarah Field – will also feature plenty of opportunities for perspectives and discussion from the public.

The event is on Saturday 23 February 2019, from 12.30pm, at Leeds Civic Hall. Full info, including how to buy tickets (£5), here or here.