Our Future Beeston: Harvest Festival and new Energy Saving Handbook

Our Future Beeston worked alongside members of St Luke’s Church in Beeston Hill to put on an excellent harvest festival event on Sunday 9 October.

It was a very different sort of service, focusing on our impact on the environment and thinking about the future of food security in a time of climate change.

Around 150 people joined in with the hands-on activities which included planting food scraps to regrow, making eco-friendly cleaning products, and writing climate pledges.

Over 25 individual climate pledges were made on the day which is amazing. They ranged from saving energy at home, to driving less, to picking up litter and recycling. Climate pledges are a brilliant way to start thinking about our personal impact on the environment and make a small change which can make a big difference in the fight against climate change.

Eco-friendly cleaning products are easy to make and a fun activity on a rainy day. Natural ingredients like lemon juice and vinegar are antibacterial, non-toxic and cheap. Adding fresh herbs like rosemary or a few drops of essential oils make them smell great, and the best part is that you reduce plastic waste by reusing bottles. This also reduces carbon emissions because off the shelf products are mostly water which has to be transported to the shops.

Want to give it a try? We are always happy to run activity sessions for your local community organisation. Contact us at ourfuturebeeston@gmail.com

Our Future Beeston’s Energy Saving Handbook is available now!

With the cost of living crisis and the climate emergency affecting all of us, Our Future Beeston have been working hard so that everyone in Beeston and across South Leeds can reduce their energy usage at home, and know where to turn for help.

The Energy Saving Handbook has been put together to help residents and is for anyone who needs advice and support around energy.

Inside, you’ll find helpful tips on how to reduce your energy usage at home which will save you money on your gas, electricity and water bills.

There is also information about financial support you may be entitled to depending on your circumstances. Plus, you can find out about grants, local and city wide climate action, and how to get involved.

The Energy Saving Handbook is available now either online or as a hard copy. If you would like a copy, or are involved in a community group who would benefit from the handbook, please get in touch – ourfuturebeeston@gmail.com – or scan the code below. James can also arrange to hold energy saving sessions in person with community groups, where he can answer your questions about home energy efficiency.

This post was written by James Latham

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