Author: Shannon Humphrey

I’m a South Leeds lass born and bred. I love our multicultural city and care about the mental health and wellbeing of its people. I believe that one of us shines, we all shine.

Pathways for positivity: Smartphone addiction

Addiction. What springs to mind? Drug misuse, alcohol dependency, smoking, gambling perhaps? Did you think of ‘Nomophonia’ –addiction to smartphones? When the first iPhone was launched in 2007 the fascination for mobile technology quickly became an acceptable part of daily life. An estimated 88% of UK adults owned at least

Pathways for Positivity: Beyond the January Blues

The Christmas decorations have been taken down, the parties are over, eating what you want without guilt because ‘it’s Christmas’ and having a mince pie for breakfast being ‘perfectly acceptable behaviour’ has come to an end. You’re significantly lighter in the pocket, the weather’s bleak, you can’t seem to get