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Pathways for positivity: An attitude of gratitude

Have you heard about the buzz surrounding the practice of journaling? Now, we’re not talking about a typical daily diary, the kind my dad has faithfully kept for years (and undoubtedly makes for the easiest Christmas gift each year). I’m talking about Gratitude or Appreciation Journals—those that capture the small,

Pathways for positivity: All I want for Christmas …

As the holiday season approaches, we’ll soon be overwhelmed with Mariah Carey’s annual belter, social media hype, festive films, and high-profile department store commercials, all depicting the most idyllic time of the year. Brimming with cheerful celebrations, cherished moments with loved ones, and the timeless tradition of gift-giving. However, not

Pathways for positivity: Smartphone addiction

Addiction. What springs to mind? Drug misuse, alcohol dependency, smoking, gambling perhaps? Did you think of ‘Nomophonia’ –addiction to smartphones? When the first iPhone was launched in 2007 the fascination for mobile technology quickly became an acceptable part of daily life. An estimated 88% of UK adults owned at least