Work starts on new affordable housing in Middleton

Construction of an 18-home development in Middleton by the housing association Leeds Federated has begun.

Work on the site at the junction of Acre Road and Sissons Lane formally got underway as Middleton Park councillors Judith Blake and Paul Truswell attended a ceremony to mark the project.

Leeds Federated says that the homes will be “built to nationally described space standards, with modern, attractive fittings”.

Local residents will also be granted a preference through a local lettings policy.

The beginning of the development comes after a consultation at Tenants Hall Enterprise Centre and a phase of planning applications that began in December 2017.

The initial application consisted of two four-bedroom, eight three-bedroom and eight two-bedroom houses.

However, more four-bedroom homes were added following the consultation to suit the needs of families, the housing association said.

In April, Leeds City Council also approved the construction of 32 new homes on Bodmin Road by Yorkshire Housing, which will see 23 shared ownership units and a further nine for affordable rent being built.



2 Replies to “Work starts on new affordable housing in Middleton”

  1. it’s a bloody joke building houses on all green land and local football teams have nowere to play my Saturday team I help run need a pitch with changing facilities to carry on and there is nothing and same for all the children of Middleton nothing to do that’s why there is so much crime all ur thinking is about urselfs getting money into the council and building houses on all playing fields it’s a joke

  2. Couldn’t agree more just had letter saying they are now taking part of the playing fields at the end of Middleton Park Avenue the fields that were apparently left as a gift to the children of middleton. It’s about time that to be a councillor for an area you have to LIVE in it as the majority of councillors for Middleton belle isle hunslet and beeston live no where near and are making sure they keep their green spaces. Worse still the houses will be going to people who don’t pay rent and are shipped up from the south our council tax will go up to pay for it and as per they will blame old people for the rise wish I could afford to live in garforth or Ethernet and see some greenery

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