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South Leeds’ Systime computer amongst online exhibits

It might not the most attractive piece of hardware for the modern home office. But the retro Leeds-made Systime computer is still a captivating keystroke in the history of British technology. The nostalgic number-cruncher is among the exhibits featuring in Leeds to Innovation, a newly-online exhibition exploring some of Leeds’s

Museum window project calls on local residents to make history at home

It was the weekly wartime showcase that put centuries of Leeds history in the frame. Now Leeds City Museum is giving local residents the chance to put their own curatorial talents to the test and create a city-wide network of wonderful windows inspired by the museum’s remarkable collection. With council-run

Cracking Easter challenge for city’s budding digital code breakers

Young adventurers in Leeds can decipher an intricate piece of Morse code or discover the secrets of an ancient prehistoric cave as part of a new interactive online game. Designed by Leeds Museums and Galleries, the innovative code cracking challenge calls on players negotiate a series of fiendishly clever puzzles

South Leeds Roundup: Brands, blades and ladies boxing

Here’s your regular roundup of what’s making South Leeds tick on other websites, blogs and across Facebook and Twitter. We start this week down in Holbeck where we discover that HEA is the new name for Holbeck Elderly Aid who have gone through a bit of re-branding. Their strapline ‘Reaching