Day: 23 April 2020

NHS plea ‘don’t let lockdown delay medical attention for unwell children’ parents urged

This plea comes amid growing concern that the coronavirus outbreak is causing people to avoid contacting healthcare services, sometimes resulting in a dangerous life or limb-threatening delay in seeking urgent medical attention. As a result, the NHS is reassuring parents and carers that professional care is always available, they should

Museum window project calls on local residents to make history at home

It was the weekly wartime showcase that put centuries of Leeds history in the frame. Now Leeds City Museum is giving local residents the chance to put their own curatorial talents to the test and create a city-wide network of wonderful windows inspired by the museum’s remarkable collection. With council-run

Observing Ramadan safely during the Coronavirus pandemic

Muslims in Leeds getting ready to observe the holy month of Ramadan this week have been issued advice to keep them safe from a local imam and GP. The advice comes from NHS Leeds Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) and Leeds City Council’s public health team working closely with Dr Mohammed