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Salads, compost and eco-bricks at St Mary’s

Pupils at Hunslet St Mary’s Primary School take environmental issues very seriously as I discovered when I dropped in on group learning how to grow salads indoors. Nathan Atkinson, Director of Rethink Food and a former headteacher, was in school to show the children how to grow crops in a

Meet South Leeds’ first climate change teacher

What do you do when a knee operation keeps you off work? If you’re teacher Matt Keddie you find an online training course and get accredited as South Leeds’ first United Nations Climate Change teacher. Rising global temperatures are leading to more extreme weather events – heat waves and droughts,

Hunslet primary school labelled “Inadequate” by Ofsted

A South Leeds primary school has been shocked by a damning report from Ofsted, which gave the school the lowest rating of “Inadequate”. Hunslet St Mary’s Primary School was inspected over three days in December and January but the report was only published yesterday (24 April 2019). Inspectors found the

South Leeds Roundup: Allotments, apprentices and assault courses

This week South Leeds has been touched to two terrible stories with the attack in Beeston and the car crash in Morley. These have been covered elsewhere, but here is your regular roundup of the other stories that are making South Leeds tick on other websites, blogs and across Facebook