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Independent living for older people in Holbeck

Newly refurbished sheltered accommodation offering an independent lifestyle has been officially opened today (Tuesday 10 February 2015). Ingram Court in Holbeck has benefited from a substantial make-over by sc4L as part of the council’s housing regeneration project. Built in 1976, the building has now undergone a major transformation to provide

Planting Event at BITMO’s Sheltered Housing

  BITMO (Belle Isle Tenant Management Organisation) sheltered residents along with young people from the South Leeds Youth Hub spent an enjoyable afternoon planting up hanging baskets and pots for the residents to enjoy through the summer. Youth services have obtained Well Being funding to undertake an inter-generational project which

Bit of my life story since moving from my home in Middleton to Sheltered Housing in Belle Isle, 3 Years Ago.

  It’s quite a long story so I’m putting my volunteer groups first and concentrating on other parts of my life story over the last 3 years on a weekly blog. This is a revised version as I’m no longer a volunteer at South Leeds Media (South Leeds Community Radio).

The Trolleybus route through Belle Isle and the problems it will cause

A Trolleybus question and answer session was held at Belle Isle Family Centre yesterday (1st May). I went to this session as the new Trolleybus route (if the plans are passed) will come down my street, Winrose Grove. I was surprised by the lack of local people at the event. Winrose