5k Hunslet Club And Bitmo Charity Run


MIDDLETON PARK RUN (7)Made my way up to Middleton Park Run from doing the Cross Flats Parkrun. Took it easy at Cross Flatts, time was 48.5 minutes, as knew would be walking route at Middleton Park to put Markers up for the runners and walkers.

The Charity Run is to raise funds for The Hunslet Club.

When checked my Pedometer at home did 11.5 kilometres, about 7 miles that day, blimey!

Got there just after 11am and had a coffee with Carla, from BITMOs GATE, Andrea from Hunslet Club and friends.

We waited awhile for more people to turn up and I set off with three ladies (lucky me) to put Markers out. Left Carla to register people. Good job they knew where to go, as me not a clue. We all did one circuit of the route, as runners would do the run twice the circuit. So at least we didn’t have to.

There is a consultation at the moment on Middleton Park, one of these whether to have a Parkrun at Middleton Park. I personally can’t see it, too many hills. What do other parkrunners think?

Nice to see Children especially in Hunslet Club and Hunslet Hawks Rugby Shirts.MIDDLETON PARK RUN (14)

Met plenty of friends who did the parkrun in the morning Sadie, Amanda, Jeremy. Even Lynne, there from BITMO. Also can’t forget Bianca as the Hunslet club Mascot.

The runners and Walkers started with a warm up. If Bianca had done it, don’t think anyone would have been able to do the run.

Then the Marshals, who had not already done so, took up their postings.

I made it to the start line, to take some photos of the 42 runners.

Then I had a brisk walk to my Marshal point near Park Gates knowing that the first runners would be there in about 20 minutes. I asked Carla and Andrea if I could have this Marshal point as already forgot the others.

Just to say a big thank you to the 10 or so volunteers Marshals on the day. Without these people there would be no park Run.

MIDDLETON PARK RUN (18)After about 20 minutes the first of the runners made an appearance. Most of the runners photos where taken with telescopic lens, so sometimes these can be a bit shaky.

Because the Park Gates were open to cars, my job as Marshal was to direct runners and walkers onto the sand footpath and not to use the tarmac road as cars in and out of car park were up and down on this. One guy, who thought he knew better, went onto Town Street, after me telling him to use to use the sand footpath. I shouted him to come back, looked at me stupid and carried on. I could not run after him, as now a group of about 5 people were descending on me, and did not want them to see him and do the same. About 10 minutes later, he came back and used an expletive, why I didn’t know what I was doing. I didn’t answer back. There was no time keepers for this race, so didn’t matter if his timing was a bit out.

All went well, until I saw a group of young children about 30 seconds away. So I held up a car so they could get onto Sand path safely. When he started to drive off stuck 2 fingers up at me. Oh dear.

After the last walkers came through, me and another Marshal who was further down the track made our way back to the Bandstand and handed in our day-glow jackets. Apart from the runners it was nice to see many families at the Park to cheer them all on.

Well that was it, made my way up that very steep hill out of the park Gates to travel home in my car, which I parked on Town Street. No way was I going park in Park car park, those concrete speed bump even at 5mph does my suspension no good at all.MIDDLETON PARK RUN (35)

As I was saying earlier, did about 11 km that day so now time to put me feet up, watch football and order a takeaway.


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