Stourton Park and Ride meeting

Hunslet campaigners have ​called a public meeting​ – on Tuesday 20 February 2018 -​ to discuss the controversial Park and Ride scheme pencilled in for Stourton​.​

The proposed scheme will see a carpark with ​space for ​1100 cars built on fields just off j​unction 7 of the M621,​ behind Hunslet Cemetery​ ​- ​then ​buses will make 70+ journeys each day ferrying people ​into the city centre ​along Low Road​, which would be extensively altered.​​

Image of the proposed Park & Ride site at Stourton, view from the roundabout at the bottom of the M621 slip road. Hunslet Cemetery is to the top right.

Champions of the scheme argue that it will reduce congestion, and ​therefore help reduce air pollution.

There was a public consultation ​last year, but​ – with ​the scheme yet to be approved ​- ​local resistance has continued to brew.
This month’s event is being jointly coordinated by Kenny Saunders​ – the chair of Hunslet Carr Residents Association​, and ​members of the local Hunslet and Riverside Green​ Party.

Kenny​ commented​:

“There are better locations for a Park ​and Ride than this proposed site at Stourton. I think it​’s​ especially​ inappropriate to have a Park & Ride bordering onto Hunslet Cemetery. This venture needs to be looked at again.​ Join us on the 20th to find out more, and to see what we can all do about it.”

Mary Spencer, a Hunslet resident and Green Party member, ​added:

“Park and Rides can be great, but this one makes no sense – and it’s of no benefit to local people. It will ​gobble up local green space, cause years of disruption as they build it, reduce ​the ​capacity of ​our roads, and actually increase congestion. “The council talk about clean air for the city, but once again don’t care about our air. Hunslet’s been a dumping ground for Leeds City Council for too long: we deserve better.

“We need a public meeting, to get this idea out from behind closed doors – and for our community to come together and speak with one voice.”

The meeting will be held on Tuesday 20 February, from 7pm at the Parnaby Tavern on Middleton Road in Hunslet Carr, LS10 2AB. ​​​All welcome.


3 Replies to “Stourton Park and Ride meeting”

  1. Probably the closest park and ride in Britain is in Beeston with a 2 mile bus journey to the city centre . But its only South Leeds so we the labour council are ok to do it . Absolutely scandalous whats happening in our area

  2. This is only going to serve as a car park for the business park up the road, as the workers of this business area are perking inappropriately on nearby grass verges and pavements. The business park should increase their parking facilities.

    Also, to build a park and ride on the proposed plot is reducing the only green space we have in LS10, there are derelict plots of land opposite the first direct bank building just down the road which are an eye sore, which could be better used!!

  3. Seems like a good location to syphon of traffic from the M1, the air pollution from backed up traffic is there all ready. I’ve used the York Park and Ride and it is something I would like to see more of in Leeds.

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