Man jailed for death of pedestrian in Hunslet

A dangerous driver who knocked down and killed a man while speeding in Hunslet has been jailed.

Dawood Kasuji (28) of Park Close, Batley was jailed for six years at Leeds Crown Court yesterday (7 October 2021) for causing the death by dangerous driving of Stephen James Linley (33) on Black Bull Street in Hunslet.

Officers from the Major Collision and Enquiry Team said the case was a tragic example of the appalling consequences of dangerous driving.

The court heard Kasuji had been driving passengers in a BMW 325 at speeds of 55mph or more when he hit Stephen on Black Bull Street near Armouries Way during the evening of Friday 12 October 2018.

Stephen, who had been crossing the road at the time, tragically died at the scene as a result of the injuries he suffered.

Kasuji was arrested and charged and later unanimously found guilty by a jury after denying the offences and opting for a trial.

DC Clare Barran of the Major Collision and Enquiry Team, said:

“This has been a dreadful case in which a much loved and respected man with his whole life ahead of him has been robbed of his future by another man who was effectively showing off.

“The tributes paid to Stephen speak volumes about his character and his loss continues to haunt his family to this day.

“Kasuji chose to increase their suffering by putting them through a trial and I am pleased he has been sentenced following a unanimous guilty verdict.

“I would also like to thank witnesses who came forwards and provided key information which supported the investigation and helped put Kasuji behind bars.

“This case stands as a tragic example of the dreadful consequences dangerous driving can have.”

In a statement after sentencing, Stephen’s family said:

“The family would like to recognise the efforts of all of the officers who have worked on the case, especially the family liaison officer who has kept us informed throughout.

“We are also deeply grateful to the people who responded at the time of the impact and offered what assistance they could in the face of a violent road traffic event.

“Stephen was a popular and much loved young man. He had his life exactly where he wanted it, a loving family, firm friends, supportive colleagues and a job that fulfilled him in a city he loved.

“Best of all, he had met the love of his life, his soul mate and had shared his plans with us to propose and get married.

“It is not just Stephen’s life that has viciously been taken from us, his little brother has lost his childhood through the mental trauma it has caused him, his sister has lost a supportive and loving brother, we have lost our future daughter in law and the prospect of grandchildren.

“Stephen’s death was sudden, violent and completely avoidable. The ripples of the damage that has been caused, the pain we have felt and will feel for the rest of our lives rolls on. The outcome of the case before the court will not change that, it will not bring Stephen back.“


This post is based on a press release issued by West Yorkshire Police


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  1. That could happen in residential areas where boy racers routinely get a way with exceeding the 20mph limits every day and think it’s clever. Remember the convicted driver won’t even serve 9 years because of our feeble judicial system. It could be your child or parent who’s the next victim!

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