Revised plans for Active Travel Neighbourhood revealed

Revised plans for an Active Travel Neighbourhood in the Cross Flatts area of Beeston have finally been revealed and consultation with affected residents begins today (8 October 2021).

Under the scheme roads will be blocked to reduce ‘rat running’ through the area by motorists and promote safe walking and cycling. The barriers will allow full access to pedestrians, cyclists and those in mobility scooters. Motor vehicles will still be alble to access all properties in the area, but they need to approach from a particular direction.

The barriers will be created using planters in the first instance, allowing to be moved if necessary to help the scheme work better. The trial period will last 6 months. Consultation has been carried out with the emergency services and refuse collection who support the scheme.

Plans were originally brought forward in August 2020, but concerns were raised by residents and Councillors about some residents having to turn right onto Dewsbury Road to reach other parts of Beeston. The new plan allows this group (the blue streets on the map below) to access Old Lane as an alternative.

The plans have been discussed by two focus groups before being shared with all residents in the area. An online survey is open at until Sunday 24 October 2021. To receive a paper survey, please call (0113) 336 8868.


15 Replies to “Revised plans for Active Travel Neighbourhood revealed”

  1. So this is happening all over the country, none of the affected residents want it, or need it, it will be a nightmare on matchday, we will have idiots reversing or trying to turn round in traffic clogged streets with kids & old people about, it will take longer for emergency vehicles to reach emergencies, causing possible deaths or fires to spread in terraced houses, bin men will have to reverse in same traffic clogged, kids, old people ete streets,
    But dont worry about that, it’s another money wasting liebour council pet project ! It’s about time this money wasting council was replaced !

    1. The only way for fire service to get up to the purple crossflatts area is via Tempest Road. Cross Flatts Avenue is the only way to Dewsbury road , one way with a dangerous hill and bend, already used by speeders.

  2. Excellent idea,top marks for the council and people involved in this idea, we have too many cars ,speeding up and down using as a short cut,for over a decade,this will make it safer for children and make it a much better place for the residents to live,keep up the great work for a better future for the community of crossflatts

  3. Brilliant, safer roads for the residents and children, should have been done years ago,keep up the the great work leeds city council

  4. Looking at the revised plans ,there will be still a problem with Grovehall Road ,vehicles coming up Barkley Road from Dewsbury Road will still have a rat run abets in only one direction,this traffic will only have two routes either the first road VERY NARROW Grovehall Road or Oakhirst Mount which is a wider Road but has lots of cars parked at the top for Post Office if Barkley Road has to allow traffic through then remove the block by the junction of Barkley Road and Oakhirst Mount and allow traffic a third choice.If this cannot be done then prevent vehicles going through at the junction with Grovehall Road, Theoretically the plan is a good idea because the traffic up and down Grovehall Road is very excessive

  5. Ido not want this scheme its a waste of council tax payers money .Has any thought gone into what the roads will be like on match day’s?People will be driving around trying to get out of the maze of block off roads. I have spoke to people in the area they don’t want it will cause chaos.Do the people who want this live in the area? i think not.Leave well alone its not perfect but we cope with it.Find another part of leeds to mess up leave Beeston alone.

  6. This idea is a total waste of money, it’s going to cause more problems for cars and pedestrians, cars are going to be shunting round the streets trying to find a way through, getting annoyed and possibly not watching for children coming out from behind parked cars.

  7. As a resident I am concerned on how people living in the middle sector will be able to reach Beeston Road. This plan as it stands dictates that cars will have to go in the opposite direction, through the back streets on to Old Lane. Surely this additional traffic through these back streets is endangering the children who are currently able to play?

  8. I think this scheme will cause a lot of confusion with regard to which streets you can get out of and which you can’t, also frustration for drivers. I am more concerned with the inordinate amount of traffic on match days, I feel like a prisoner in my own home on these days, daren’t go out in case we can’t get back into our own street. If someone drives up one of the no exit streets by mistake do they have to reverse all the way back because there is no way they would be able to turn around in that street. I just don’t think it’s a good idea sorry.

  9. This is not necessary, too many restrictions already. The streets already have many parked cars so this would only add to the conflict of getting a to b, 20 miles an hour for vehicles is enough.

  10. Brilliant! If they can block off the southern end of Grovehall Parade to stop it being used as a rat run even better

  11. This is principally a problem when Leeds United have a home match. The main issue is stopping non residents traffic on match days. We do have some boy racers on Cross Flatts Grove and in the summer there’s a period of quad bikes which the police were made aware of years ago but consistently do nothing about. In recent years I have had to increasingly rely on taxis for certain essential journeys at least once a week as I have a partial disability. The road blocks would add to both waiting time and journey times and I am also concerned at the potential delay to ambulances or paramedics. I think this has been typically glossed over by Leeds City Council Officials who want to ram this through no matter what people think. Delays to emergency services by just minutes can be the difference between surviving a medical emergency such as a stroke or heart attack. Speed cameras would nail the speeding problems, the remaining issue is stopping matchday traffic. It just need a little intelligent resolution without needing to cause massive inconvenience to residents which this scheme will cause.

  12. I live on grovehall drive and it’s like a major road. When I have visitors ther are speeding cars flying past them while they try to get children out of the car. I work from home and can hear the boy races with their loud exhaust reving past. Ever house seems to have multiple cars these days. I hardly see my neighbors walk.

    I am for this scheme. We all needs to rethink how we live. Less cars is better. Safer roads. I have an electric bike so the road will be safer for me. I also walk more since I got rid of my car. Like elsewhere, those with no car suffer the most from consequences of cars.

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