Local care homes rocked by Covid-19 deaths

A Beeston care home – Sunnyview House – has seen seven residents pass away with confirmed Coronavirus (Covid-19), and a further ten have passed away who displayed symptoms but have not been confirmed as Covid-positive. We understand that other local homes are suffering similar circumstances, but details remain unclear.

Sunnyview – run by BUPA – is a large care home on Beeston Road, with up to 84 residents, and specialises in older people with significance personal support needs, including those with dementia. The home has been rocked by the deaths in the past weeks – and other residents have also suffered with the virus (including five currently), although it is understood that they are all making good recoveries.

Jane Madden, Regional Director for BUPA, commented:

“This has been an incredibly difficult time for everyone – and our thoughts are with their families, who have been so supportive of the home and our staff during this time. The wellbeing of our residents and staff is our priority: we’re doing everything we can to keep them safe and closely following the strict advice from Public Health England. And the team have shown exceptional strength, and continue to go above and beyond to deliver the best possible care; thanks to this, a number of symptomatic residents are now back to full health.”

As reported in our previous feature article (click here), residential care homes have – across the UK and indeed Europe – suffered a particularly high number of deaths amongst residents with Covid-19: people in the homes are typically in the age and wellbeing categories most at risk with the virus. Many care home staff – locally, and everywhere – have also been unsurprisingly been affected, although not with the same high mortality rates.

In this case, BUPA stressed that they have a full supply of Personal Protective Equipment for their staff at Sunnyview – unlike some care homes, who have in some cases struggled to access it; see previous feature article. They have also put in place a series of measures, including room-based care for residents, regular testing for staff and residents, and extra staffing; and the home is closed to visitors, and is not accepting new residents. If people wish to contact the home with any queries or concerns, please do so here.

As mentioned above, we understand that Covid-19 has impacted many or even most care homes locally, although details remain unclear; we will publish more information as and when it becomes available.

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  1. If they were thinking seriously about the residents then they’d still be safe.
    We all knew what was coming.
    Visits stopped immediately
    All deliveries should have been dealt with adhering to strict procedures
    All staff should have remained in site until testing was available

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