Key meeting to help map Holbeck’s future

Holbeck residents went on a walkabout around their community to help for the plan.

Holbeck residents are invited to a public meeting tomorrow (Thursday) to set up a new neighbourhood forum for the area.

The forum will help steer a Holbeck Neighbourhood Plan which will help decide how the area should be developed in coming years. The plan is being put together by Holbeck residents in conjunction with the council.

Acting chairman Dennis Kitchen said:

“All residents and those involved in businesses or working in Holbeck are welcome to attend. Your comments and views will be appreciated. The Neighbourhood Plan will allow us, the community to prepare a sustainable and substantial future for Holbeck.

“At the meeting we will set up the neighbourhood forum, vote on the boundary for the neighbourhood plan and discuss the way forward.”

The meeting will take place at the Holbeck Working Mens Club from 6.15pm to start prompt at 6.30pm. 

Holbeck is one of the first inner-city areas in the country to prepare a neighbourhood plan, and the meeting is the latest in a succession of community events to move the plan forward. A walkabout around Holbeck was held last month.

More details from the Holbeck Neighbourhood Plan blog.

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