South Leeds Links: Hunslet Club, Belle Isle speeding and drugs talk

Here’s your weekly dose of links to what’s making South Leeds tick on the area’s websites, blogs and on Facebook. By the way, remember us mentioning the start of our community correspondents course next Tuesday? We’re fully booked up and oversubscribed, so thanks for your interest. We’ll be running more courses in the future.

“It’s 4.45pm and the Hunslet Club in south Leeds is so busy that I have to queue for quite some time to get in. Toddlers are racing around, parents drink coffee and kids in, variously, ballet outfits, gym kits and disco gear jostle to get past me.”

– The Guardian pays a visit to the fabulous work that goes on at the Hunslet Club.

PCSOs Johnny Wilson and Dave Lythe attended at the Beeston Guides company to give a talk about drugs. There’s also an update from Proceeds of Crime team on a case in Cottingley.

What’s on at Holbeck Working Men’s Club in October? Check out the Friends of Holbeck Working Men’s Club blog for more.

Speeding vehicles on Sharp House Road, Belle Isle. were discussed at a recent public meeting.

A £50,000 sensory playground aimed at benefiting children at a special school in Belle Isle has been unveiled, reports the YEP.


Check out this short video of a massive hail storm in Beeston last week, courtesy Bob Massive on Youtube.

The table top sale due to be held at Tenants Hall Enterprise Centre in Middleton on Saturday has been cancelled.

Gerald Jennings and James Pitt of the South Leeds Investment Partnership will be speaking at next week’s Beeston Forum meeting. All welcome.

Hallowe’en discos and hair and beauty are the latest offerings at the South Leeds Youth Hub in Belle Isle.

Over on Facebook…

New trees and a litter pick are discussed over at the Friends of Sharp Lane Plantation page.

The Friends of Middleton Park update their page with the latest photos of improvement work on the park.

Cottingley residents are being invited to describe the estate in one word over at Cottingley TRAC.