Flytipping concerns on Beeston’s Beggars Hill


John Adamson, who lives in Beeston, has been in touch about rubbish on Beggar’s Hill behind the Nosters:

Beggars Hill litter“Following a recent meeting of Beeston Community Forum I spoke to Tom Smith, who, apparently, is in charge of South Leeds cleaning, i.e. all the ginnels, dog dirt etc, I informed Tom of the disgusting state of Beggars Hill, in particular, the top of Beggars Hill, or the Quarry as we call it, at the top of the banking on the the edge of Noster Terrace.

This is becoming one big Fly Tipping site, where glass bottles, plastic bottles, burnt out sofas, mattresses etc, are strewn about the area. Most of the glass bottles are wine bottles, all the same variety, and obviously bought from the same shop. Perhaps the local PCSO’s could find out where these are being bought from and who is purchasing them.

Not only do we have a football pitch that all locals use as a dog loo, but also a children’s play area. I am concerned that broken bottles could harm a child or dog dirt could harm a child’s health.

I have taken photos to show the affected areas.”

Beggars Hill (2)We approached Tom Smith who manages the Locality Manager for the Council’s Environmental Action Service. He confirmed that one of his enforcement officers had visited the site and concluded that this was not simple littering. Someone is using the site regularly and throwing away the same bottles each time. He explained that the land is managed by the Council’s Parks and Countryside Service and he thought there may be an Anti-social behaviour issue. He will be speaking to Parks, the Police and the Anti-social Behaviour unit to decide on the best way forward to deal with this fully.

2 Replies to “Flytipping concerns on Beeston’s Beggars Hill”

  1. Something needs to be done. I live on Noster Terrace and we can just see a sea of rubbish debris from our house. Lots of cars come with their takeaways, parking at the end of the street and then throw their rubbish out too and when it is windy we seem to collect all the rubbish from Beeston.
    We also seem to have someone regularly dumping large quantities of cans at the bottom of the street. We did try to clear it at first but there is just too much and it is not a nice job.

  2. Rubbish dumping is getting a problem all over Beeston. People don’t seem to care. The council will help but it keeps re-occurring. Even when the people who dump are warned, they stop for a while and then just start again. Possibly if the council prosecuted and got a result the word might spread, but it would take some time.

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