South Leeds Roundup: Sunsets, schools and supporters (but not supermarkets)


Here’s your regular roundup of what’s making South Leeds tick on other websites, blogs and across Facebook.

Stephan Rushworth, a keen photographer, took this stunning shot of the the H2010 development on the river in Hunslet at sunset last Saturday .

H2010 sunset

Speaking of photographs, Phil Kirby took a walk around Holbeck with his camera. You can read his personal take on the area over on The Culture Vulture blog.

From photos to videos, and Low Road & Windmill primary schools have added a ‘SchoolTube’ gallery to their website. As the School Council tweeted: “there are some cool videos like the Year 6 leaving assembly in 2009 performing Grease”.

There’s another school video over at Hunslet St Mary’s where Joanne had her head shaved to raise money for Cancer Research and the Joseph Lillywhite Appeal.

We reported on the break in at Cottingley Community Centre back in November. The Yorkshire Evening Post reported that the culprit had been sentenced last week.

Food blogger Ewan Mitchell has given up supermarkets for Lent. After visiting Leeds Market last week, he explored the local shops of Beeston this week. Find out how he got on over on his Tonight’s Menu blog.

Leeds Fed resident Jodie blogs her thoughts in a very unique style on her tiamo77uk blog. It can be a bit stream-of-consciousness and she doesn’t always bother this punctuation, but if you get your ear in it’s very interesting. This week she wrote an excellent piece about writing in different styles for different audiences. She differentiates between personal thoughts on a personal blog and writing a post for a corporate or public blog or website.

Local history is always popular with our readers, so although it’s not specifically about South Leeds, we’ll point you to the Leeds Citizen. He’s been delving into the newspaper archive to find out what was going in Leeds a hundred years ago in 1914.

Leeds Dynamite have been at it again, with the seniors placed third at the UK Cheerleading Association finals and being picked to represent UK in Europe. They’ve posted 30 photos of their exploits.

It’s the Hunslet Independent Supporters Trust (HIST) annual general meeting tomorrow (20 March 2014). HIST is the organisation behind Hunslet Hawks. Details of the meeting, election of board members and financial review are all available on the HIST section of the Hawks website.

If you would like to get involved with Beeston in Bloom, their website has information about upcoming work parties and news that Spring Judging will take place on Wednesday 9 April.

The Police’s South Leeds off road bike team seized an illegal quad bike in Middletom last week . As they point out the bikes “cause noise to residents but also damage to local parks, golf courses and pathways.” You can help by report any information you have by ringing 101 or emailing

Untamed and Empire Down are two rock bands from The South Leeds Academy. They recently performed at the Music for Youth Festival.

‘Frog-tastic’, ‘toad-ally awesome’ and ‘newt-iful’ are just three of the adjectives used to describe the amphibian survey carried out by volunteers at Skelton Grange Environment Centre. Find out how you can join in with their wildlife surveys.

And finally can we blow our own trumpet? The Centre for Community Journalism at Cardiff University asked us to write about how we are approaching May’s local elections. You can read it on their website.