Middleton Aldi store to open 27 March


A new Aldi store will open its doors on Middleton Park Road on Thursday 27 March 2014 at 8am.

Aldi MiddletonIn line with Aldi’sd policy of supporting local community groups, the new Middleton store has partnered with the Middleton Mums and Tots to donate food supplies to their morning groups.

The new Middleton store will create 26 jobs, providing new opportunities for local people. The store will be served by over 75 car parking spaces and it will feature 1,400 product lines. Customers can expect fresh food and a wide range of good quality and locally sourced produce.

Aldi Store Manager, Ewa Drewiecka, commented:

“We are delighted to announce the opening of our new store in Middleton; we hope the local community enjoy the grand opening celebrations and our high quality products at everyday low prices.

“We are very excited about our involvement with the Middleton Mums and Tots group and we look forward to meeting more Middleton residents in the coming weeks.”

Following its launch, the store at Middleton Park Road, Leeds, LS10 3SA will be open:

  • Monday – Saturday 8.00am – 9.00pm
  • Sunday 10.00am – 4.00pm

The new Asda store in Middleton is scheduled to open in May 2014.

6 Replies to “Middleton Aldi store to open 27 March”

  1. I was quite surprised to talk to a lady yesterday who applied for the job through a Lancashire store!
    She has family in Lancashire and was staying there when she saw the jobs advertised, and applied and did a work trial in (actually I’m not going to say where in case it jeopardises her job). I know the lady in question and I’m glad for her to have the job, but it drives me crazy that jobs that will supposedly benefit our community are advertised in a different county, particularly when we have such high unemployment rates in the area.
    I understand that much of the same has happened with Asda and the biggest proportion of the new jobs are current employees who have transferred from other stores.
    Before anyone mentions it, yes I know that a store can not open with entirely new staff but, it does somewhat negate the claim that over 300 new jobs have been created in the area because it just isn’t true. I personally know of fewer than 10 people from LS10 who have a new job there, so I’ll be very interested to have a walk around when it opens and see how many locals have benefited from the “new jobs”.

    I must admit though that I am looking forward to shopping at the Aldi store. We have started doing some shopping at another Aldi recently and it does have a decent line of products.

    1. Councillor Kim Groves reported to Area Committee that 22 jobs of the 30 at Aldi have gone to people living in the LS10 postcode. I think that’s pretty good.

  2. I would just like to make a comment about the new Aldi at Middleton… The shop is fine but our clever Leeds City Council have put double yellow lines on the lovely big wide road outside…. reason? People shopping at Aldi won’t park outside on a road that does not bother anybody and is not outside people’s houses. Result – shops in Middleton Circus will suffer even more. A lot of people used to park there when the small circus car park was full and gave valuable business to the shops in the circus. Not anymore …. the shops will lose business to Aldi and less parking… well done Leeds City Council.

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