Fighting for breath in Hunslet

Local residents are urging others in their community to join an “empowering and friendly” exercise class in Hunslet – called Breathe Easy – or face the risk of losing it.

Residents are fighting to save this local health project (image: Active Together)

The British Lung Foundation has been running the classes for anyone with breathing difficulties, such as COPD or asthma, since last year. They run each Thursday from 1.30pm, at Hunslet Methodist church on Balm Road, cost just £2 per person, and are open to anyone. They are gentle aerobics sessions, which the leader tailors to the needs and abilities of the group each week.

Similar classes elsewhere in the city have flourished, but take-up and referrals have been minimal in this corner of the city – despite the fact that the City & Hunslet council ward has the highest levels of respiratory illness in the city.

Jean Adams, Hunslet resident and Breathe Easy regular, commented:

“My husband and I have found these classes really empowering these past months: it’s a friendly group, and has really made a difference to our health. But there’s not many of us, so the organisers tell us they might well stop them. Please everyone spread the word, join us, and you’ll really notice the difference.”

For more info on the British Lunch Foundation and their Breathe Easy programme, click here.


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  1. There is also a breath easy exercise group in Middleton at the Parochial Hall, every Friday at 11.30am. Middleton is a priority area for people with COPD but we are struggling too with numbers. We would like to invite members of South Leeds to come and join our circuit class. We are looking to recruit more members to our group so if you have ever fancied trying a little circuit training pop in and see us. We have both men and women attending the group all different abilities and age groups so pop up and come say hello. Julie x

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