Extra school places created for South Leeds students

Following our report that children in South Leeds were facing journeys to high schools across the city, Cllr Judith Blake, leader of Leeds City Council and David Gurney, Executive Headteacher of Cockburn School, have issued a joint statement:

“We would firstly like to thank families across south Leeds for their patience and understanding whilst we have worked to find a solution to the shortage of local school places.

“Cockburn School has joined local councillors and the council to work closely together to find ways to address the shortfall of places in the area due to the delays in opening the new free school.

“We are delighted to be able to announce that Cockburn School will provide an extra 60 places, with support from the council.

“Parents and carers who have been disappointed with their school offer have until Monday 16 March to send in their requests to be on the waiting list for schools, and places will begin to be offered at schools where there are now vacancies, including these additional places, from Monday 23  March.  It is therefore vital that you ensure you have registered to be on the waiting lists of all schools you want your child to attend.”

Cllr Blake added:

“We would like to thank Cockburn School for agreeing to provide these extra places and so help find a solution for these local children and their families.”

David Gurney added:

“When recently approached by Leeds City Council, and on hearing the concerns from our local community, we have moved swiftly to realise a way to ensure that more children in the south can be part of the Cockburn community.”

South Leeds Life understands that the Cockburn Laurence Calvert Academy which is due to be built on the site of the former Middleton Park High School next to Middleton Leisure Centre has been delayed by the Government’s Department for Education not releasing the funding for the project to go ahead.


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  1. Funny how lcc, this school and local councillors can find 60 places but couldn’t find my 1 son a school place and has left him without an education for 6 months at a time that is so important to young children when startin at high school which is hard enough I’m happy for these children but disgusted at the local authority

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