Enjoy a walk in The Middleton Park!

Who would have thought I would get into Middleton Park and actually enjoy the beautiful scenery? The adventure could have been a lot more enjoyable and here is why.

We all need some time out either on our own; with our friends or just enjoying the routine walks with our dogs.

I adventured into Middleton park this morning. The weather was lovely and bright. I enjoyed the beautiful scenery accompanied by the lovely singing of the birds. I would have loved to capture some birds but they seemed to be camera-shy.

Tembe 1I actually walked across a stream in the park! But something horrible caught my eye; something that is not supposed to be in the stream or part of the woodland in general. Anymore more of those, and the stream will not be flowing any more; and the woodland will turn into an eye-sore that no one wants to visit.

Believe it or not, while I thought I was enjoying my walk in one of Middleton’s landscape features, someone spoilt it for me by leaving behind his dog’s muck just beside the path. Shocking!

Tembe 3However, as I proceeded on my walk, I figured out that there may not be enough litter bins scattered around that particular extension of the park I was walking in.

I was happy to realise that there were loads of litter bins in the park, but unfortunately, they are concentrated in what is the main or central attraction of the whole park.


Tembe 2Would it be possible to dot a few more litter bins around the park to reduce the litter around the woodland area of the park? Signage to these litter bins would also help.

Otherwise an enjoyable experience. I will definitely go back again but in a different direction. Does anyone know where I can find a map of The Middleton Park?




This article was written by Sithembile Moyo using our Community Reporters website

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  1. STOP PUTTING TONS OF CONCRETE ,BINS, STONE, AND SIGNS EVERYWHERE IN THIS ANCIENT WOODLAND. can’t we just enjoy the last bit of true nature for what it is?

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