Old Middleton Cottages Toilet Block Is Still Standing Today

My photo shows the outside toilets for the old cottages still standing on Town Street. The cottages where built on instruction from Ms Maude to house workers who worked in the park.

Ken ToiletsPeople were poor in the 1800s, especially park & cemetery workers. When Ms Maude died, she left Middleton Park to the Wades Trust under, I think, a 99 year lease and the park for people of Leeds.

Ms Maude said in her will that the rent for the cottages should never go up. So even today, rent is still only equivalent of 25p a week!

My photo shows the outside toilet block, as until about 20 years ago none of the cottages had inside toilets or bathrooms. Since then bathrooms and toilets have been built in the very large kitchens inside the cottages.

At different times one of the cottages was used as a church & Park Rangers offices.



This article was written by Kenneth Ingram using our Community Reporters website