Fewer Burglaries In Leeds

A report to the Council’s Executive Board this week indicates that reported domestic burglaries have reduced by 30% over the past year.

Burglary PosterThe figures for South Leeds show a mixed picture. There has been a 6% reduction in Beeston & Holbeck ward, but burglaries in Middleton Park ward have increased by 30% over the past year. Although City & Hunslet ward saw a reduction of 13% over the last year, the has been an increase over the last quarter has seen an increase of 50%.

For some time Leeds has had very high levels of burglaries compared with other cities but it now has a lower rate than Manchester and Sheffield.

Over the past year the greatest reduction has been in Hyde Park & Woodhouse and Headingley, which have historically had very high number of burglaries linked, it is believed, to the number of student households.

The report indicates a number of factors which, it is believed have helped to reduce burglaries including:

  • The establishment of the Leeds Burglary Taskforce which has brought together key agencies such as West Yorkshire Police, Probation Services, Youth Offending Service and Signpost, to improve information sharing and deal with burglary offenders more robustly;
  • The delivery of Operation Optimal in North West Leeds, which has contributed to a 40% reduction in burglary across that police division;
  • The use of new and innovative tactical options such as 24 hour GPS tracking devices, to manage offenders on release from prison which is contributing to a reduction in re-offending;
  • Closer working with the Crown Prosecution Service resulting in the increased sentencing of prolific burglary offenders.

The report seeks approval to approve expenditure of up to £484,000 in 2013/14, to enable the existing programme of activity to reduce domestic burglary to continue for a further year.