Drysalters pub saved from demolition, again

The Drysalters pub on the Ring Road near the Cottingley Hall estate has been saved from demolition, again.

A Planning Inspector has dismissed the developer’s appeal after Leeds City Council rejected their planning application to demolish the pub and build a drive-through coffee shop. In his report the Inspector, C Coyne, agreed that the loss of the pub would have a “harmful social impact” on residents of the Cottingley Hall estate, football fans and mourners attending Cottingley Crematorium. He also found the plans would harm a number of mature trees on the site.

Hayley Guy, one the Save The Salters campaign organisers told South Leeds Life:

“It’s great news for the pub, and after the couple of years we have had with the pandemic, I’m glad it has survived.”

Councillor Andrew Scopes (Beeston & Holbeck) commented:

“I welcome this news and it is nice to get the good news before Christmas! I would like to thank everyone who formally objected to the proposals. However, unfortunately, there is always a future risk with this kind of property and I understand that the current landlord is on a short term lease and so it is possible that the building could be intentionally wound down further and a future application again resubmitted with the aim to request local/public opinion be re-assessed.

“I would therefore encourage local groups to consider putting the Drysalters forward as a ‘Asset of Community Value’. This is something that needs to be community led, but do get in touch if you want to talk further about this.”

We first reported on the plans August 2020 when the first planning application was submitted. A Save The Salters group quickly sprang up online and over 50 letters objecting to the plans were sent to the Council. The planning application was refused by officers in September 2020.

However, the developers then submitted a second application in November 2020 with additional evidence about the market conditions. But once again planning officers rejected the application having commissioned their own report on market conditions from the District Valuer.

The developers then appealed the decision to the Planning Inspectorate and the Inspector has now published his decision, ruling in favour of the Council and the campaigners.

The pub is still very much open hosting regular punk rock gigs and hot food in the evening Tuesdays to Saturdays.


Photo: Google Streetview


3 Replies to “Drysalters pub saved from demolition, again”

  1. Brilliant news Just a shame they didn’t care about the trees that Cockburn are allowed to chop down that are older than these.

  2. Well it’s great that it’s been reprieved once again but if the pub was doing badly before Covid-19 I’m not sure what chance it’s got now.

    If you don’t use it, you lose it , and ultimately I fear this is going to be it’s fate.

  3. Like so many public houses in Leeds it would be a great shame if the Drysalters would have to close due to the lack of clientele.
    After a year of LOCKDOWN and the ongoing pandemic
    how on earth can you expect people to go to socialise to the place which was and still is a landmark !!
    Given time I’m sure the Drysalters will recover from the problems it is facing at the moment and become the happy friendly family public house it once was . !!

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