New threat to The Drysalters pub

The Drysalters pub on the ring road is once again under threat as the developers whose planning application was refused in September have submitted a new application.

Once again the wish to demolish the pub and build a drive through coffee shop. The pub is a valued local facility serving the community of Cottingley Hall estate; mourners attending Cottingley Crematorium and both home and away supporters attending matches at Elland Road.

A campaign group set up to oppose the previous planning application, Save The Salters, has over 2,000 members on its Facebook Group.

Local Councillor Andrew Scopes (Beeston & Holbeck) has already objected to this second application as follows:

“This application has already been considered and rejected with over 100 comments from residents. I find this reapplication inconsiderate of local people who have taken their time to register their objections and demonstrates a lack of local understanding. The main objection was, and still is, the value this premise brings to the community.

“Some of the reasons I object are:

  • Concern as to the loss of the Public House as a valued community leisure asset for Cottingley Hall, Beeston and Churwell residents (food, drink, live music, parties etc)

  • Concern as to the loss of the Public House as an important and valued meeting place for families attending / visiting the Crematorium

  • Concern as to loss of the Public House as a valued community leisure asset for LUFC and football fans, Leeds based and indeed nationwide

  • Concern from local residents as to encouragement of further increased destination traffic on Ring Road, in case a drive through was built, which many residents say already gives them a very poor environment (air quality, noise, their own ability to travel efficiently)

  • Already abundance of Coffee outlets within a mile radius.

  • Not convinced that the new proposed Drive thru might bring any additional local employment opportunities as the pub already employs staff, in fact the pub has a potential to become busier after LUFC promotion.”

The planning application, ref: 20/07519/FU, can be viewed here. Comments, objecting to or supporting the application can be made until Thursday 24 December 2020.


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11 Replies to “New threat to The Drysalters pub”

  1. The British way of life is rapidly disappearing. Seriously, is there a conspiracy going on. Why does the area need another coffee shop.

  2. Not another coffee shop .The Drysalters is a good venue for the community .It’s been there for years too many places have closed the Harvester The White Bear .The woodman went for developers to create yet another coffee shop and petrol Station.Keep the Drysalters open !

  3. The pub serves more use to the community than a coffee shop would hope the planners at the council see the pubs worth and reject the application

  4. Keep The Dry Salters as it is…It’s a tiny walk from Cottingley for mourners who have travelled afar to catch up with family and friends they wouldn’t see for a while…No getting lost as it’s opposite the Crematorium…We have enough Coffee shops and do not need another x

  5. A valuable local asset.
    We do not need another coffee shop especially a drive in.
    Beeston ring road is already a very busy dual carriage way
    We do not want more accidents and more pollution.

  6. Leave the pub alone, it is a community hub for the local people, don’t need yet another coffee shop.

  7. The pub is the heart of a community and the Dry Salters is no exception. It is a valuable resource for residents and visitors to the area who come for football matches, and for the sadder reason of saying their final farewell to friends and family at the Crematorium. . This pub is located in a working class area where there is no other venue for the community to meet up. A drive through coffee shop will not benefit the community or local businesses as it would be patronised by passing trade. Additionally, it is on a busy road is likely to add to the traffic jams that regularly occur on this road.

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