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Beeston Festivel (55)On Saturday (6 June 2015) I made my way to Beeston Festival held every year at the lovely Cross Flats Park.  I had seen earlier that Asda had closed Old Lane in Beeston, so changed my route to go along Tempest Road. Normally I don’t like this road, or my car doesn’t as the concrete speed bumps (no matter what speed you go) make a mess of underneath my car.

It was lovely to see the banners and flags strung up from one side of the street to the other. I don’t know how they got them that high. Anyway it made sure no HGV could pull them down. I see on the Save our Beeston Facebook Page that it’s to celebrate a Muslim festival, well done.

Got there a bit early, to see that the South Leeds Life tent not up, as too windy, so Lucy giving out South Leeds Life Newspapers with the wind in her hair. Later I picked up about 100 Newspapers and gave them out around the Festival. First I thought have a good look round and see what’s happening

Could hear Dave and The Blades warming up on the bandstand. Dave said another 10 minutes before the band starts, so made my way around the many stalls from Tombola stalls raising money for good causes to many I didn’t expect Wrestling Matches to a group of Belly Dancers,  of course they seem to attract people with camera and  shooting videos. The Belly Dancers were called Egyptia.

Went to the Stank Hall Barn stand, where a gentleman said, thought you had packed in working for South Leeds Life, no must have read the newspaper or the blog wrongly.

In the arena earlier, Zumba with Hannah, Irish Dance Workshop and more during the day.

Only saw one of the councillors, Adam Ogilvie, helping out on one of the stalls must have missed the others in a fantastic crowd, out all enjoying the sun and the breeze.

Beeston Festivel (61)Think one of the displays attracted by most children was the Police stand and vehicle, some reason they liked getting locked up in the Police van and sounding blues and twos, you could hear this around the park. Got a lovely photo of children in police uniform and helmets.

Now was around 2pm and went to have a sit down and listen to top local band The Barmines on the bandstand, one of my favourites. Of course with the wind, seats blowing all over. I told one group, stack 2 chairs together and sit on them, thought I was mad, but it worked. Anyway after having lunch, eating of course Samosas, bought at one of the food stalls/stands finished watching the band and went back to visiting all the lovely stalls.

Met up with Margaret Bingham of The Ciaran Bingham Foundation Trust, on her tombola stall, all proceeds go to the trust.

Margaret told me got me booked in for delivering lunches and dinners again on Christmas Day, (blimey Margaret 6 months yet). Anyway Margret said this year all the volunteers on that day, going to the John Charles Centre after delivering food and having a Christmas lunch there ourselves, look forward to that.

I see Margret at many of the lunches and dinners which are held in the local area at various venues. All subsidised by the trust for the elderly to get together and have a hot meal. I’m not elderly myself, but manage to fool her and get a meal.

Beeston Festivel (73)The graffiti Mural was been sprayed painted on the side of the pavilion. Looked like was very close to finishing when I passed by.

Had to visit and mention the Hunslet Hawks stand, been a supporter since I was 5 years old, 61 years ago when my dad took me to matches at Parkside. Who remembers Old Mother Benson Cottage?

Phil was busy building a race track for children to have race on. The cup we won during the 2014 season was on display. (Please see photo). Of course Harry the Hawk (mascot) was there busy pecking away.

Where do I go to next, oh yes to the Children’s area to see a wrestling match (who remembers wrestling on a Saturday afternoon? Giant Haystacks, Big Daddy and more). Also a climbing wall, bouncy castle and 2 Breeze Inflatables. Many children having fun on these.

An important stand was the Leeds Play Network, make your streets a place to play, was there motto. Beeston Festivel (62)Met up with Ian, from Inner South Community Committee. Had a chat with Ian about going to the Police Station on Wednesday night. Next, children having their face painted, always a favourite with the younger children. Then onto Beeston Local History Society, showing old photos of Beeston.

Got back to South Leeds Life stand to see how Lucy getting on, with the wind in her hair, still giving out newspapers with Wendy. At this point notice that the guy on Leeds Ladies stand, was now in Super Hero costume. Don’t think the Ladies have anything to worry about, as it didn’t leave much to the imagination.

Right, that’s about it for this Festival after over four hours, made my way to my car and home for a rest and a takeaway meal, feeling too tired to make one myself. I notice at home I had completed over 6 miles on my Pedometer just walking round the Festival.

See you all again at Belle Isle Gala, July 4th.

Beeston Festivel (41)The Park will be open as normal for the Park Run next Saturday, hope to see you all then.

The festival is supported by Leeds City Council Inner South Community Committee, Leeds Federated, CITU, Irish Arts Foundation and Unison Unity Homes and Enterprise. So a big thank you to all of them.Please take the time to look at the photo

slideshow at the top of the Blog. These are just a few of the 100 taken on the day.


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