Jess On Her South American Adventure pt2


Jess May

Hi Ken! Apologies I haven’t forgotten about you; I just didn’t want to send you a rushed message during times of fleeting wifi.

I’m now halfway through my trip and have been to; Cuba, Mexico, Belize, Guatemala, Honduras and I’m now in Nicaragua! It’s absolutely flown by, although I’m no browner as it’s rainy season here!

I tried to learn to dive on an island off Honduras, called Utila, but it really wasn’t for me. I got so claustrophobic with the heavy tank, wet suit and mask (and that’s when I was on dry land!). All was not lost though as I went snorkelling and saw some beautiful fish and a shark!

We’re flying to Columbia next week which is our final country, due to its size we have given ourselves a whole month there to explore. I’m really looking forward to seeing some beautiful rainforest and some more great animals!

Anyway how are you? How is being a recognised photographer for the GATE? Hope you’re well.

Kenneth’s reply: “I’m very well Jess, thank you. Wearing the Badge, just stops people thinking who am I. Look forward to seeing you when your back in our country”