£54,000 Upgrade Pledge For Hunslet Moor Park

Hunslet Moor. Photo courtesy of Urban Pollinators
Hunslet Moor. Photo courtesy of Urban Pollinators

£54,000 upgrade pledge for popular Hunslet Moor Park

Developments commencing this month are set to breathe new life into Hunslet Moor Park, which will soon boast a new gym and play area, as well as improved landscaping work.

The announcement of local councillors Patrick Davey, Elizabeth Nash and Mohammed Iqbal (Labour, City & Hunslet) that the developments will begin this month will fill regular visitors of Hunslet Moor Park with glee. The scheme, which is being delivered by Leeds City Council, was designed in consultation with the local councillors and residents.

The first phase of the project will see a new pathway being built to improve access to the children’s play area. There will also be new fencing to improve the parks safety, beside twelve new trees to enhance the landscape.

The second phase will see the addition of a gym area comprising of modern outdoor fitness equipment to the park. A brand new play area, including swings, slides, a roundabout and a zip wire, will be installed, alongside new benches, new litter bins and a new welcome sign.

Funding for these aspects of the scheme has been sourced from local developer contributions, totalling £54k.

Local councillors are thrilled that the improvements will revitalise the park by providing something for everyone. Importantly too, the park will offer everybody the opportunity to exercise in fresh air in the outdoors, reflecting the Council’s commitment to encouraging people to keep fit and active.Leeds-City-Council-Logo

 Councillor Patrick Davey (Labour, City & Hunslet) said:

 “The plans for a revamp at Hunslet Moor Park look marvellous. We want people of all ages and abilities to get the most from our green spaces through recreation, exercise and relaxation and these improvements will help us achieve this. It was fantastic to work so closely with the community in the development of this project, so I’m really looking forward to seeing the park bustling with people and activities after the works have finished.”

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  1. Too little too late! Very few kids round here now, what were once first time buyers family homes are now private landlord DHSS meal tickets, when my kids were growing up round here there was nothing all monies and councillors were busy up Cross Flats Park where the majority of their votes lay, spend the money on some nice floral displays like they have in Beeston or give us the bus fare to travel to Poole in Wharfedale to have a look at their floral displays as commented on by Elizabeth Nash in the Evening Post last year.

    1. Hi Judith, me again. (I just responded to you on another article.)

      This is of course good news for the community – but like you, I agree that it’s been a very long time coming, and the timing (just before the election) is interesting. Cross Flatts Park has indeed seen a lot of improvements over the years – mainly because of the excellent Friends of Cross Flatts Park voluntary group, but with valuable support from the Beeston and Holbeck councillors. (Whose area extends as far as Cross Flatts Park, but doesn’t include Hunslet Moor Park, which is in the middle of the City and Hunslet ward.)

      Indeed, local councillors can be a real force for good in a community. Unfortunately, the City and Hunslet councillors live far away from the area, are rarely around (except at election time – like with this annoucement), and I think have seriously let our community down. It’s not all their fault of course (!): it’s complex. But like you (and many many people I’ve spoken with) I’m fed up.

      That’s why I stuck up the MISSING posters all around the community last autumn. And that’s why, when I saw the huge reaction to the posters, I decided to stand in the local election myself. Because we really need some positive change around here. And whatever happens in the election, I’m convinced we can create positive change – because there’s a lot of good people around. (Just enough I think to tackle all the challenges facing us!)

      Maybe as a starting point, we could form a Friends of Hunslet Moor Park. (I’ve some mates who live very close to the park who’ve previously suggested that.) What do you reckon? Cheers, stay in touch.

      1. I find it difficult to understand why you think the timing is interesting, you’re clearly asserting it’s politically motivated but do you know how long the project has been in the works or how long it has taken to get funding allocated or what planning had to done before hand to get permission in the first place?

        1. Hi Paul.

          Sorry for the slow response – didn’t notice your response. In short, there are some great hard-working councillors in this city who work hard on behalf of their communities year-round. I see no particular upsurge of activity from them in the lead-up to elections, because they’re doing their job to the max year-round.

          But I’m sorry to say that I and quite a lot of other people have noticed that here in City and Hunslet, there is – every year, just before the election – a noticeable increase in activity, announcements, projects, press articles from the councillors for this ward, etc.

          Genuinely, I don’t know, maybe it is just a coincidence – but I think not. I don’t think the City and Hunslet councillors are bad people – but they are pretty out of touch with the community here, are not really locally active at all, and drum up these projects ahead of the election each year to create the sense that they’re hard at work on our behalf.

          I’d love to represent this ward, further develop all that I’m already doing locally, take inspiration from the hard-working councillors I see in other wards, and show that another way is possible.

          Hope that clarifies things, Paul – but please be back in touch if not and if you want to talk more. Cheers.

  2. Paul – these things happen every time there’s an election and the incumbents are worried that they might lose.

    From the 2005 budget where Labour promised the earth to pensioners…. and this pre-election offering, where there’s already been an increase in the minimum wage.

    Locally it’s the same, things always seem to miraculously get done in March and April.

    However, people are starting to realise they don’t have to tolerate this rubbish any longer, and will hopefully vote accordingly and kick out the sitting councillors in the area, many of whom are drawing their money on entirely false pretences.

  3. Could I ask Councillor Davey who the local residents were he consulted with regarding these plans. I live extremely close to this park and neither myself nor any neighbours knew anything about the plans until workmen turned up to start work on the new path.
    Whilst anything to improve the area must be welcomed. can I ask the following:
    Will it stop the end of Moor Road being used as a rubbish tip?
    Will it stop people throwing rubbish out of their cars or the footballers who use the field throwing down their plastic bottles etc?
    Will it stop the drinkers throwing down their empty cans or breaking bottles on the paths and road?
    Will it encourage people exercising their dogs to pick up after them?
    I doubt if the new facilities will prevent any of this, in fact probably make it worse if it brings more people to the area.
    At the moment, the new path and trees are in place but the bollards have not been re-instated at the Moor Road end to prevent unwanted vehicles being driven onto the fields.

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